August 14, 2019

A Guide To Caring For Classic Cars

By e-mDot

Vehicles need the right maintenance–be it, classic cars or not. That’s why it is just mandatory that car owners know enough information to keep their cars in tip-top shape. The following tips can help the classic car owner in you:
Avoid parking under trees.

The exterior of your classic car is the one part that people notice first. It is for this reason that paint and other outside furnishings must always be on top of your priorities. Bird droppings have acid contents that can ruin your car’s bodywork. With this in mind, you should start to avoid parking your classic car under the shades of trees.

Get a garage

Car owners must have their own covered garage where they can safely keep their vehicles. Classic car collectors must ensure that they have a covered space or warehouse before acquiring units. Having a covered garage is like having your own car vault. Such a structure will ensure that your vehicles are all secured while you are away or sleeping at night.

Never use abrasives

Borne of the habit of using abrasives to clean stuff, some people tend to use the said cleaning tool to cleanse vehicles. This is definitely a no-no. Abrasives are hard and rough. Although they are designed for heavy duty-cleaning, abrasives are not meant for cleaning cars. The roughness of abrasives can cause damages and scratches to your classic car’s bodywork.

Tune-up regularly

Prevention is definitely far better than cure. Have your classic cars tuned-up or checked up regularly. This means that your mechanic have to pay your car a visit even if there isn’t anything wrong with it. Having regular tune-ups would enable you to prevent possible damages. It would also let you save on repair costs.


Although classic cars are seen as collectible items, they still exist to serve their original purposes. You might be lured by the aesthetic appeal of classic cars but you have to remember that they’re meant for driving. Drive your classic car at least twice every month. You can take on a few lapses inside your vicinity or use it when heading to the grocery. Driving your classic car would ensure that its engine gets its much-needed boost and vibe.

Have it covered

Check for used car insurances that would work best for your classic car. Good insurance coverage would let you sleep soundly at night. Remember that you should consider getting insurance since the spare parts of classic cars are usually expensive or hard to find.