February 8, 2020

Choosing Colors for Your Home

By e-mDot

Choosing the colors for your home is a big decision for anyone who is redecorating. Along with personal taste, the size and lighting of each room has an impact on your choices. You also must make sure the colors you choose will match your furniture and carpet. Here are five tips to make choosing the right color for your home a bit easier.

Choosing colors tip #1: Select your wall color last

Most people approach the color choosing process backwards, picking out their wall color before buying furniture and carpeting. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is actually best to decide on your furnishings, carpet color, and drapes or blinds. It will be far easier to find a shade of paint that will match your furnishings than it is to find an entire room ensemble that matches the color you have chosen for the walls.

Choosing colors tip #2: Blending colors

When choosing the colors for your home, you want to make selections that work well together. This does not mean that you have to paint every room with the same color, but you do not want too much contrast between them. Do not mix bright colors with pastels, or very dark colors with light colors. Having a nice flow throughout your home is especially important with today’s open floorplan designs. Visitors can often see several rooms from the foyer or dining area, so keep those colors relatively close to each other. Think about your home’s overall atmosphere before choosing colors for the individual rooms.

Choosing colors tip #3: Consider the room’s natural lighting

Think about which direction your windows face and the typical climate in your area. You want to choose colors that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight the room will receive. A room that will be dark in the winter should be painted with a lighter color to add brightness. Similarly, dark colors often work well for rooms that receive a lot of sunlight.

Choosing colors tip #4: Room size may affect color

The size of your room can also be a factor in choosing a paint color. Lighter colors will make the room look larger and more open. Conversely, dark colors make a large room look smaller and more closed in. Painting the ceiling with a dark color will make it seem lower, which can also help give a room a tight, intimate feel.

Choosing colors tip #5: Today’s popular colors

If you are still having trouble choosing colors for your home, look to other homeowners’ color schemes for ideas. Subdued earth tones make a good choice for almost any home, with brown, taupe, green, khaki, and gold being common choices. Warm, neutral colors like beige or tan make a good base color for a room. Carpet colors are generally neutral, but may include some small bits of color to brighten up the room.