May 10, 2015

History Of Milwaukee Transportation

By e-mDot

The Milwaukee Road announces that it received and placed in service the first of a fleet of 500 new wide door box cars suitable both for the loading of bulk commodities such as grain and the mechanized loading of packaged lumber, palletized loads, and many other types of freight. Built at a cost of $13,000 each, or $6,5000,000 for the entire fleet, the new cars feature doors opening to a total width of 15 feet two inches, an interior length o 50 feet, a load capacity of 7 tons, and were equipped with roller bearings.

W.W. Kremer, Milwaukee Road traffic vice president, stated that he expected all of the new cars to be available to shippers next month bringing the line’s total ownership of cars of this highly versatile type to 1500.

Altogether, the Milwaukee Road was acquiring 750 new freight cars of various types in I960 at a total cost of $9,700,000 Received earlier and now in service were 100 new covered hopper cars and 100 general purpose flat cars of 60-foot length.

Later that year it will take delivery of 50 “damage free” freight cars equipped with special loading devices and cushioned under frames of a type designed to further reduce longitudinal shocks in switching and tram operation “D F ” cars of this type cost $15000 each. The wide door cars being made available to shippers were also known as plug door cars, as they were equipped with both a conventional sliding door and a plug door similar to those on refrigerator cars.

When in closed position, the inside face of the plug door becomes part of the side lining of the car The sliding main door, when opened, provides a clear door opening of 8 feet. Using both the door and the plug door, the opening expands to a full 15 feet 2 inches, thus permitting rapid loading or unloading of the car trucks, by means of conveyor belt, or other mechanical devices now in general use.

The cars have nailable steel flooring which is both Irani-tight and strong enough to carry heavy pallet loads. The cars also are equipped with a steel lining extending three feet up from the floor with conventional three-quarter inch plywood lining above. These fleet of box cars helped transport many Milwaukee residents to and from work. Many Milwaukee citizens enjoyed the new box cars as it really helped them in their daily lives.