April 8, 2020

Hot Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring

By e-mDot

Men’s hairstyles are increasingly becoming more important on the runways. Gone are the days when the way a man’s hair looked really didn’t matter. These days, men’s hairstyles are just as trendy as the women’s hair styles that grace the runways! From slick smooth cuts to the fringe hairstyle, men’s hair will not be the same this spring that is for sure!

If you are wondering what is going to be hot this spring for men’s hairstyles whether you are thinking about a new cut for yourself or for someone you know, the bottom line is that men’s hairstyles will be nothing but cool this spring! So if your planning a cut coming up, here is a look at what’s hot for men’s hairstyles this spring.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring: Smooth and Slick

The old smooth and slick look comes back better than every this spring and it brings with it an all American feel. This look dates far back and has long been a popular men’s hairstyle for many. This spring, the slick back hairstyle much like has been seen on actors such as George Clooney is very hot on the runways and off! Short on the sides and a bit longer on the top (only a few inches at most) the slick back is smooth and slick and hot hot hot!

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring: Fringe

The fringe is not to be mistaken for the earlier trends from the 1990’s which include the bowl like cut of very long hair all the way around. The fringe is expected to be a very popular men’s hairstyle this spring thanks in part to it’s flexibility. The back and the sides of this style are shorter than the front and the top but other than that you can use your imagination. The fringe is all about texture this spring you can choose smooth texture or a rough around the edges rugged look. Either way, the fringe is one of the hottest men’s hairstyle trends for the season.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring: Classics

The spring is expected to be all about the classics. From classic parts to classic slick backs, it’s the classic styles that have made the biggest comeback on the runways this year. Parts should be heavy and defined such as was seen in early actors back in the mid 1950’s. Aside from that, the classic looks are really left up to the imagination when it comes to men’s hairstyles for spring 2009. The most important thing to remember-use a part that flows well with your facial structure no matter which side you choose!