April 22, 2020

Ways to Make a Shower Floor Safe

By e-mDot

It can be dangerous to leave the floor of your shower bare, especially if there are children or senior citizens in the home. According to Homelivingstyle, a magazine for consumers, there are over 300,000 injuries per year in the bathroom due to slippery floors. There are a number of very simple ways to properly prepare your shower floor for safety while not compromising much on the look of your bathroom.

Ways to Make Your Shower Floor Safe:

Option #1. Install slip-resistant tiles.

These tiles have textured surfaces so that your feet get a grip when you’re standing in the shower. If you insist on installing smooth ceramic tiles, choose small ones-the more grout between each tile the more traction you’ll have.

Option #2. Rubber Shower Mats

Place a rubber shower mat on the shower floor as an alternative over a ceramic or similar smooth surface. Choose a mat that has strong suction cups to keep it in place, or else the mat could still slide and present a risk to users. Even though this covers up the look of your shower floor, it is the quickest and easiest way to make it safe.

Option #3. Rubber Strips

Affix between six to 10 thin clear rubber strips horizontally across the shower floor (side to side) as an alternative if you don’t like the look of a square shower mat. Place the strips about six inches apart-these will give your feet traction while allowing you to see more of your shower floor. This is an ideal option if you have an attractive, tiled shower floor that you want to show off. These strips may be hard to find– look for them at your local hardware or “bed and bath” store.

One last, important tip:

If you’re going to lay down a shower mat or rubber strips make sure you clean the shower floor thoroughly with a standard multi-purpose cleaner and disinfect it with bleach (you can also use a two-in-one disinfecting cleaner). Vinegar is also an effective cleaner for the shower floor surface-it effectively loosens up ground in dirt. Wipe the floor completely dry with paper towels before affixing the rubber mat or strips.