July 9, 2016

Why The Market Of Small Car Is On Such A Rise

By e-mDot

The small compact car market in North America is flourishing for quite some time. People in Europe always have preferred the small compact cars as they realize the merits of these cars. SUVs are very popular in North America for more than a decade, and you find them parked in every parking place.

Now the trend has changed recently with the increasing fuel prices. There is lot of uncertainty about gas prices in the future. This has led the people to go for small compact cars. The small compact cars are more fuel efficient. There is a lot of bustle in this sector.

Many car manufacturers are jumping in order to make use of this opportunity. For instance, Hyundai has launched its new version of Accent. Toyota has brought in Yaris, while Kia and Honda have introduced Rio and Fit respectively. Nissan is bringing its Versa. Apart from it, you cannot ignore the xA and xB by Scion.

Introducing a new car in the subcompact section is a sensible decision for many reasons. It attracts new young people in the market as buyers to purchase these small compact cars. If they like the vehicle and are satisfied by this car, they will get attached to this brand.

As they become older and grow in their profession, they will like to purchase the higher models in the brand. All the big makes like Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Volkswagen and so many other manufacturers have entered this sector of small compact cars.

Moreover, during the economic recession, small compact cars provide a relief and safety against the downtrends, to the owners. The unforeseen escalation in the fuel prices will not have much impact on them, as these small compact cars are far more fuel efficient and economical to keep. For instance, the Honda will give an average of 33 mpg in city and 38 mpg on a highway.

It is to be noted that in order to reduce the price, the small compact cars offered in the market have a couple of things compromised. These cars are not meant only for one time use. Besides their fuel efficiency, these small compact cars provide an effective and reliable performance over the long run.

The Yaris from Toyota develops 106 bhp, which may not appear enough. The car weighs only 2315 lbs. The ratio of weight vs. bhp works out over 220. This car is capable of carrying anything. If you fold the back seat, Honda has a capacity of 21.3 cft while at the same time Fod Crown Victoria has a capacity to carry 20.6 cft of cargo in its back.

The US manufacturers have not yet come forward with the investment in this sector on small compact cars. For instance, Chevrolet Aveo is typically a remake of Deadwoo and has nothing exciting to provide at par with the improvements which other makes are offering.

Ford Focus is larger and expensive also. It is also true with Dodge Caliber. It is expected that with the present economic trends and the uncertain fuel prices likely to soar high, the brands like GM, DaimlerChrysler will definitely enter this competitive segment of the small compact car market and attract new customers towards their brands.

The small compact cars have helped many car makers to flourish on their business. They have been successful in developing their brand loyalty in the customers. Some people are now coming forward in Detroit to do it.